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The genealogy of the Smith and Saunders families.
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This website is my attempt to record the family history of my parents, Jack Smith (1908-1958) and Ethel Elizabeth Saunders (1913-1984). It is very much a work in progress, but family members are very welcome to browse through the pages. Just register for a user account by clicking above on the standard website - or below the wedding photo on mobile sites - and you will be able to search through a jungle of documents and photos populated by hundreds of your ancestors. The earliest root in the trees is dated 1480 and they grow their many branches up to my generation born in the mid-20th century, although I have only so far uploaded very few details of my siblings and cousins, so do not be surprised if you don't yet get a mention yet. Over time, I hope to cut some pathways through it all to make our family history a little more user friendly. If you want you can submit documents and photos, by clicking on the relevant tab on an individual's personal page. Click on either of the names of my grandfathers underneath the "Smith Family” and "Saunders Family” at top left to see individuals and their associated data. You will also be able to view various family tree charts as well. You can also search for individuals in the search boxes. Some sections on the left of the screen are empty at the moment and quite a few photos and documents are not yet correctly linked, so please expect some snagging problems. I would be very glad to hear of them, as I might not know about a particular item or link not working. ALSO, IT IS BEST FOR NOW TO JUST LOOK AT THE ALBUMS AND ARTICLES SECTIONS IN THE DROP-DOWN MEDIA MENU AT THE TOP RIGHT OF THE PAGE FOR STORIES AND COLLECTIONS OF PHOTOS. IF YOU ARE VIEWING THIS ON A SMARTPHONE, I HAVE FOUND LANDSCAPE VIEW IS BETTER THAN PORTRAIT. The appearance and structure of the website might also change during its construction. It is very likely that I will make some errors and that will mean the website is down until while I attempt to solve the problem. Future appeals for help are almost certain too, especially if I hear that you might have some technical expertise.

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Saunders Family

Saunders Family Album - Some old photos.

The Saunders family in the East End of London 1883-1925 - A map of where they lived, worked, learnt and prayed.

Desperate Times for Clara Heynes - Clara Heynes (1864-1941) and her children in the workhouse.

The Great Thames Disaster, London, 1878. - William Charles Heynes (1828-1908) was at the wheel of the Bywell Castle when the accident occurred.

Memorabilia from the aftermath of the tragedy.

Finding the Brassetts - Some genealogical musings.

Smith Family

Smith Family Album - Some old photos.

A Skeleton in the Cupboard - A story about Charles Smith (1866-1945)

Sue's Book of Memories - Sue remembers her father Jack Smith (1909-1958)

Village Life - Newspaper Clippings about the Smith family in Morchard Bishop, Templeton and Halberton between 1872 and 1946

The Death of Private Charlie Snell - An Australian cousin's Phd thesis about the death of her ancestor in World War One.

Gladys's Photo Album - Photos from the album of Gladys Richards (also Neill, nee Smith)

Halberton Photos - The childhood home of Jack Smith.

Letters from John Tindall to Gladys Richards -John and Gladys were Smith cousins once removed. John Tindall wrote a book about the Smiths of Morchard Bishop which was the inspiration for this website.

The Genealogy of the Wreford Family of Devonshire - The mother of Alice Snell, my grandmother, was Mary Wreford of Morchard Bishop, Devon. This is a book written in 1907 by George Wreford, a barrister of Grays Inn, London. It lays out the genealogy of the Wreford family going back to the 15th century.

The Wills of the Smith Family - As discovered up to January 2019.